Welcome to my humble abode!

Stay a while! Or forever...

This is my personal website! I'm just a guy who has way too much free time and a love for terrible horror gifs.

I've recently been getting more and more sick of the larger increasingly coporatized social medias, and they don't give me much freedom in customizing, so this site is my chance to make my space on the internet in the way that I want. Had to learn HTML along the way, but I feel that it's worth it. Knowing how shitty something started out and seeing it get better with every update is very rewarding.

I haven't seen what this site looks like on a phone or put any work into making this not horrible on mobile, so if you're unlucky enough to be viewing this from your phone: sorry! And if you're wondering why elbowthief... sometimes the name you come up with when you're twelve sticks with you.

Here's the link to my Neocities profile.

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